Mission Statement

To provide the
highest level of
support and
service to our
clients who are
challenged with
finding ways to
improve the quality
of their
environment while
containing or
reducing their
First We Listen

CS Group is in the business of environmental management.
HVAC/R systems incorporated into your building were designed
to provide for the optimum environment. But for these systems to
handle that optimum environment year-round and year-after-year
requires regular maintenance, service and upgrades. Simply
fixing systems that wear out, or addressing issues one at a time,
can be both frustrating and costly.
CS Group’s maintenance programs are designed to help you
reduce the cost of operating and maintaining your HVAC/R
systems. Studies have proven that our maintenance programs
can help you:
■ Avoid expensive downtime and employee productivity losses
■ Avoid wasted utility costs
■ Extending the useful life of your equipment
■ Reduce administrative costs associated with managing
HVAC services